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LIST OF plugins for Monstra CMS

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Contact Contact form plugin for Monstra Download Awilum
Blog Simple blog plugin for Monstra Download Awilum
Guestbook Guestbook plugin Download Awilum
Youtube Youtube embed Download Awilum
Video JS Video embed Download Awilum
CodeMirror CodeMirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. Download Awilum
Math Math plugin. Download Awilum
GitHub Gists Plugin add ability to embed GitHub Gists. Download Awilum
Charts Google Charts Download Awilum
Cleditor + Kcfinder Cleditor + Kcfinder plugin. Download Awilum
CKEditor CKEditor plugin. Download Chrisblue
TinyMCE + KCFinder TinyMCE + KCFinder plugin. Download Awilum
Bootstrap editor Bootstrap editor plugin. Download nakome
Summernote Summernote is a Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap. Download stradfred
Switch Theme Switch plugin. Download nakome
Star Rating Rating page Download Awilum
Tiny Link Minimize Link Download Awilum
jQuery jQuery Plugin for Monstra Sites Download Awilum
Background Background plugin Download nakome
Background Video Background Video plugin Download nakome
Twitter RSS Twitter RSS plugin Download nakome
Disqus Disqus plugin Download nakome
Blog Post Navigation Blog Post Navigation for Monstra CMS. Download Aryandhani
Let It Snow Let It Snow plugin. Download Awilum
MonstraHost Slider Implementation by @monstrahost of Super Simple Slider by @intllgnt Download @monstrahost
Ace Code Editor Ace is an embeddable text editor implemented in Javascript and made and shared by Cloud9. It has been adapted for monstra by @monstrahost. It is a replacement for Admin area code editors like codemirror. Download @monstrahost
GithubRepo With this plugin you can show list of all your repositories on your website. Download Raiper34
Toggle Toggle content plugin, to slide-toggle text on click. Download devmount